Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Reorganizing the Kitchen.

Once again I find myself working until after midnight to complete my homework. At this point I ask myself, why at 30+ am I doing homework. Not to mention this semester it's Nutrition...and I'm not good at it. Maintaining my A average might be difficult this term.

But I did it to myself. Today, I had all day. Yes the kids were home, but that had nothing to do with it. No, I had to rearrange my kitchen. I did however complete a huge task. I found out how to rearrange a kitchen in a most accurate way.

Here's my method of madness:

1. Clear the counter tops and table.
2. Take everything off of the counters and out of the cabinets.
While taking them out make sure to place them together with similar items
3. This is also a good time to clean the cabinets.
4. Work from cabinet to cabinet
4a. Ask yourself, what do I do right here?
If this is where you always make sandwiches, pour the kids drinks, make coffee or use the cutting board, then that cabinet should be used for those items.
5. Clear out what you don't use.
Hint: If you haven't seen it in two months, you more than likely won't miss it and will probably buy another one if you need it, because you forgot you had it.)
By the time you've worked your way around the kitchen you should have everything put away. Anything left, make sure it's not one of those items that shouldn't be tossed. And if you're just opposed at throwing it away, store it.

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